Meka Mats



Shipping expected to be November 2019

Meka Mats will add some bold flavor to your desk setup.

メカキーボード (Mech Keyboard)

  • 900x400x4mm

  • Rubber bottom

  • Stitched edges

  • Cloth top

Misprinted units have a slight error on the typeface of Mekakibodo. The Black design may not be as deep as A-Stock. Correct on top. Misprint on bottom. Font is just a little thinner than it should be. 

When purchasing B-Stock units, expect small defects in the product. The defects will not effect the use of the product, but just small cosmetic defects. These defects include, white / black specs, misprints, or creases. The kind of defect you get will be random. All sales are final.

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